Letter to the Duke

My Old Friend,

Things have become a mess. Marthanes is still missing and this has lead me to some rather eccentric behavior. None of our leads have produced any signs of the Viscount. My companions have grown to fear me. Good. I mean to do awful things and this likely will not bode well for them. For starters, I have convinced a large number of Nosferatu that it is time for them to take out Bishop Anaximander. Of course, a straight up assault just wouldn’t d0. I’ve taken Solomon off of his leash and he’s collected a large pack of wolfs to rampage over this city’s structure. The chaos will be immense and the cost to rebuild will likely be beyond what the current residents can afford.

Ah, but a proper rampage couldn’t end with just a slaughter and the death of one bishop. No, this city is far too disgusting to get away with so little. So many grudges with no steps towards resolution. So many unstable elders left to their own ends because nobody is willing risk ending them. It’s time for real change, the change that can only happen when grudges end in blood, blood, and more blood. Topper and Briar Jack should do. It would be a shame if Topper won though, I could have a lot of fun with Jack. Oh, I hear them fighting now. I think Jack just bit off one of Topper’s fingers. Ah yes, Anaxmander. I was a bit distracted. Obfuscating writing a letter while holding up a conversation is a bit tricky after all.

He’s still focused on what drove me to this. Perhaps he thinks he can pull back my madness for long enough to prevent his death. It seems Ovidius has arrived through his weird blood door and is trying to do the same. It seems he thinks he’s discovered who is behind all of this.

Just as planned. Whoever this shadow player is should be far too entrenched for us to win a secret war. This is his terrain and it would be his game. No, showing a weakness and forcing him to make a move, that’s the play. Of course this meant going a bit insane, not the first time I’ve driven myself there in the name of a mission. That doesn’t matter, by the end of the night we should know the identity of our mystery player and thus so shall you. If they slay us, then you know exactly who needs to die to take Rome. If we survive and drive out this other force, then I will certainly need to be punished for my many breaches of the masquerade. Of course, not many can put a duke on trial, which means that you would need to send a highly trusted representative. Just like old times.

As always your loyal sociopath,




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