Storm's Rome Journal, Third Entry

May 5, 2012

The city is in chaos. It has been a long time since I have felt powerless, and last night brought to the fore feelings of insecurity and doubt I would not feel comfortable sharing, not with the kindred of this city, and certainly not with my Invictus employers. They respect power, and I will not allow them to see me as a worthless tool in their arsenal.

But how can one feel powerful when events in this city spiral so rapidly out of control? I ran security for the event, damn it. I was supposed to be the threat that kept everyone in line. As if mass frenzy in the streets can be stopped. What fresh batch of Masquerade breaches are out on the streets, convinced of our reality, ready to descend upon us with fire? What new punishment shall the Bishops mete out, after we made such a farce of their trial?

Aye, we. I’ve come to respect the Invictus, and perhaps they have come to respect my abilities. In these uncertain times, I feel myself in need of safe haven from outside forces, and heaven help me but the eye of the storm seems safest. With Marthanes missing in the aftermath, they may just welcome the assistance.

I’m not so faithless that I’m ready to jump ship on them. I told them I would protect them, they’re just making my life difficult. The kindred of the city might just be expecting me to jump to safety soon. Perhaps I can surprise them. Loyalty is more complicated than anyone can suspect. Though I suspect a few already do.



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