Unknown Diaries

September 4th, 2010

Point of fact. Me best. Me am smartest. All the others am soooo dumb. Woop-Wooop! Woop-Wooop is best! Today so good. It show everyone how great me am.

First that dumb stupid trying to say that he best, but me show him. Meep know who best, he go hunt with me. Meep is best packmate ever, he good scent-hound. But then brother bear died! It was sad. There was a man there, me think. Meep tells me so. Me got bored and forgot about him, but Meep real good with things like that (me best at soooo many other things though).

Anyway, dumb thing try tell me he best too. Me make him say Woop-Wooop is best, and he agree, because me great. Then some things about blah blah blah drinking. Me liked part where we go drink, but me no need some stupid to say me should go make power in city mine. They just waste it on smelling bad and being stupid. They think they so smart. No stop me calling in whoooole pack, because they come when me call (me so great me know).

The Night Faerie King so good to me. He brought me a shiny light to live in my hair sometimes when me don’t forget about important things and

Okay me back. Grok tell me that me didn’t finish telling story. Me hit, because story for me, and me tell story when me want to tell

Meep tell me that me wandered away too, and Meep pretty smart. He’s not a stupid most of the time, so maybe Grok right. Me try not hit Grok, he mine too. Sorry Grok. No hit.

Okay me was writing about stupids. We killed soooo many food thing, but me got the little ones, because Meep can’t do that (another reason me best). Then some little man try to tell me he Night Faerie King, and he so awful to Meep. He was liar, anyway. He say he Night Fairie King, God, best, Archbishop, Lucas. Nooooo way he even half of those thing. Then he try calling us names and making Meep and me go to sleep, but those other names know that me best, and didn’t want to be sad. They like it when we in charge, me think. Always safe. Always hunt, always food, always safe.

We no get drink though. It turn out the Night Faerie King (THE REAL ONE) was too smart for the mean man by the smelly tree AND the FAKE Night Faerie King, and he told me to run once we knew it was trap. Meep not so quick as me (though he SAY otherwise) so me tell him only stupids don’t run, and he run too. When Night Faerie King say run, you run.

It okay. Me still like the idea of drinking tonight. Me just had to get something me forgot back at the caves. The pack forgot that me best. But I proved it. Mask mine. Ink mine. More and more, all mine. The stupid who thought he got to have the mask knew how great me was, and he gave it to me, because me so much stronger. Drank him, too. Now he part of me. ME. ME BEST!

Now me have all that me need. Mask mine. Ink mine. Power mine. Pack mine. City thought it was so smart, but stupids were in charge of pack before. Woop-Wooop will show them! They not know what fear is. Me show them. Drink. By. Drink.




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