Written Account of Randulf Storm, Sixth Entry

October 22nd, 2011

New Gambles, Debts, and Agreements to note:
Alder Groom has agreed to talk pricing to furnish the upcoming hunt.

New leads on the Faro case, recap/update of old leads:
Duke’s Mask is now a knife, returned to his possession
Faro’s memories were scrubbed, and his skin was removed, likely a patsy
Obsession with Deathstone, underground likely external. Orders from demon? Or his domitor?
Faro is/was two steps toward a blood bond with me.
Faro has escaped or been kidnapped/killed while within my custody. Was unable to answer a Summons, yet none of my servants or wolves saw anyone come or go. Obfuscate doesn’t fool wolves, leaving our culprit in a very elite subsection of our population.

I feel ridiculous for “updating” these leads in every journal entry. Nothing new today. It’s a reminder that I need, to focus on the prize, so I’ll keep at it.

My youngest child is something of a genius. She knows how to manage my moods, take control of a bad situation, and read people in a way I’ve completely lost touch with, if I ever had it. She knows why her elder sibling hasn’t been coming around lately, and I’ll need to take note of that. It’s not that he’s ashamed of me. More that he’s afraid of me. Well, if he’s going to keep hosting private parties for his young friends over here, which I did give him permission to do, the least he can do is stop by and tell me how he’s doing. I didn’t think I’d need to set the condition that he visits me every once in a while when I promised to let him use my land on occasion.

I’m only sorry that my youngest does not know what I’ve done to her yet. When the territorial urge hits she’ll move away as well. The need for control, for dominance, the addiction to the hunt. It will hit, and she’ll come to fear the way I see her as prey. She will leave. They all will. If I am not fortunate, they will beget packs of their own. Packs with tainted blood, looked down upon by the Invictus, my mark upon this family, indelible, unclean.

At least we can enjoy the time we have. The Alder Groom was more than willing to share our company this evening, and I count myself pleased that I seem to be making more acquaintances my age. Sire liked to taunt me for spending all my time with my Neonates, too poor in friends to associate with anyone else. Well, now the house has visits from the Baron Theta, Alder Ovidius, the Alder Groom, and should this hunt be a success, much and more.

I’m going to kick my sire off of my lands. He can’t just squat here like he owns the place. I’m putting my foot down, and if he wants to visit, he can arrange a meeting. I’m a busy man. We can’t keep butting heads every week like this. I’ll do it. Tomorrow. Maybe.

We paid a nice visit to the domain of Regent Marthanes, young Madame Ella presenting a gift, requesting the training of that influential old Soldier. The things she could learn from a woman like that. The things I could learn, certainly.

The gossip around her Elysium was that someone was coming out of the Black Door. No one I’d placed bets on. No one that I even remember going in there. Not that I could recognize them, all burned and frail and hollow like they were.

I don’t know what to expect, moving forward. The Reeve is busy, lately. He has less and less time for me, and seems wroth with me when I call upon him. I have some work with his associate, Father John, and perhaps through him, or with the assistance of my childe, I can determine what I’ve done to lose his favor.

Politics is such a wretched balancing act. Things were simple when all I had to do was jump when the Reeve told me to. Was it a mistake to throw my hat in the ring? Possibly. I may need a good teacher if I’m going to stay in this thing.

Oh, and, note to self. Keep an eye on that visiting kindred Alder Ovidius is hanging around with. I don’t care who vouched for him. He smells like trouble to me.



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