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We Are Unconquered

The Invictus are spreading across the globe.

Are you with us? Or are you dust?

His grace Quintus Claudius Triaunis has a vision. A blood-red vision of a united Europe. Where the Camarilla failed, His grace will succeed. He can’t do it alone, however. He needs soldiers and liars; masters and puppets, martyrs and wild-eyed fanatics. Most of all, he needs those who will never waver in their devotion to the tenets of power, the doctrine of the Unconquered, and to Triaunis himself. Many stand in the way of our inexorable march, but they cannot halt us. We will not yield or allow our stride to falter.

The year is 732 AD. The place; Fallen Rome. Duke Brightstone, Alder Storm, and Alder Ovidius lead a hand-picked coterie of Invictus into the corpse of the Camarilla. They have discovered that Rome is not the bastion it used to be, with no clear leader and madness around every blood-stained corner. Yet some unseen force opposes their plans to claim the once great city. Are the Kindred of Rome not as divided as they seem? Or does a far more sinister force plague their efforts?

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